woensdag 14 december 2016

Sonata Obscura

An orchestra pit is dug out, a piece is played
at the beach and Neolithic sculptures are their witnesses
one channel video - installation, loop, 7':00"
ceramics, wood, carpet.
composition Siglinde Burghouts
performers: Siglinde Burghouts, Channa Boon
audience: Sara Pape Garcia, Jan Huygen
© Channa Boon 2016. In collaboration with w139

zaterdag 21 mei 2016

Et in Arcadia ego

A film about the heritage of Stalin’s totalitarian power across the entire band of countries situated between Russia and Western Europe, using an analogy drawn from the popular game of chess. For its entire length, the film follows a chess game, played by two residents of Odessa, Ukraine, sitting near the city’s Arcadia Beach.
© Channa Boon, 2017 total duration: 30':00"
Premiered during ‘All the World’s Futures’, Venice Biennale #56, Palazzo Loredan, Venice.